1. Lever Action Bullet Pen
  2. New material option for Shotgun lids: Dyed Green Buckeye Burl! Use the drop-down menus to pick from this, red buckeye burl, or black wood.
  3. Dyed Red Buckeye Burl is now available as a material option for the Shotgun Cap. Use the drop down menus to select this new option. You can go to this product page by clicking HERE.
    Shotgun bullet pen

  4. New Stationary Will Be Sent With Each Order

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  5. Sodalite stoneHandmade pens, sodalite stone
  6. Introducing the new 30 Caliber Bullet Pen

    30 caliber bullet pen
  7. bolt actions bullet pens 
    Father's day is coming up!
    We are getting more and more orders for Bolt Action Bullet Pens just like these. This year let that special guy in your life know he's loved with one of these.

  8. Introducing The Contessa
    We are proud to introducet this new line of pens, the Contessa is already a favorite among women for its braided band and elegant shape. With new options including Gold, Rose Gold, and Black Titanium, you can pick your favorite and customize from there. Pens are not typically made with Rose Gold Plating, which makes this option even more unique for those who prefer that look. This pen comes with a smooth twist action mechanism and a Parker Sytle ink refill. 
    contessa pen, handmade pens
  9. New Pen Announcement: The Monarch Series

  10. The Governor Pen (With Magnetic Cap)

    governor handmade pens
    If you have never had the pleasure of using a pen with a magnetic lid, you'll feel like a little kid on Christmas when you first use one of our Governor Pens. Each one comes standard with a Schmidt Rollerball ink cartridge, lending the smooth bold strokes of pen you would normally pay much more to have. Click Here to see a demo video of the magnetic cap, as well as other details about the pen. As usual you will be able to choose what material your pen will be crafted with. 
  11. Introducting the Patriot Pen!

    Available in 10 k Gold, Satin Gold, and Black Enamel plating. These pens have a great balanced feeling in your hand, and the Parker style ink cartridge is controlled by a smooth twist action on the back of the pen. Use our drop down menus to choose a material and metal plating combination that screams your name! See everything about this product here.
    Handcrafted pens Handmade Patriot Pens

  12. Handmade pens have always been a great gift idea, but now we're making it even easier to give by shipping it for you! In our order form you can write a personalized message for your loved one, which we then write in old english cursive on parchment. When they open the package they will be surprised at the quality handmade pen they find, and will assume it was you that took the time to write them a unique note.  This allows you to get someone a gift on short notice, and saves you the trouble and expense of shipping it yourself. Our $5 flat rate shipping is meant to make the checkout process simple, we don't think shipping should be complicated. Keep in mind that if your shopping cart holds more than $75, then shipping is FREE!  We are flexible to accomadate special instructions for sending your gift, so don't hesitate to contact us. For more information about how to send one of our pens as a gift visit our Gift Options Page.
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  13. We are proud to introduce our new Whiskey and Bourbon Barrel Wood Options! 
    whiskey wood pen, jack daniels wood penThese pieces of wood are cut from actual whiskey barrels, then we take them and cut them down to size to make your pen. To have your pen made from these woods simply use our drop-down menus under any of our products and select your favorite material.  If you don't see your drink of choice in our selection, send us a contact form and let us know what you'd like us to add. When the wood is turned down on the lathe, it becomes smooth and clear, allowing you to see the grain and character of the wood. The finished product will look something like this, but each one turns out unique and different.

  14. Gold Fountain Pen - Arizona Jade StoneFountain pens are one of the oldest styles of writing instruments, yet still considered to be one of the best today.  The defining 
    eatures of a fountain pen are that it have an in reservoir inside the pen which holds the ink inside, and the ink is released to a nip at the tip of the pen. These pens became more common after users of the quill pen go tired of ink dripping out all over while writing. While its hard to say who invented it, or when, we do know that mass production of fountain pens began in Birmingha
    m, England. Josiah Mason was the inventor of a replaceable steel nib, which he had assembled in factories. This made it cheaper and much more efficient to produce. For the first time common people could afford to write, which made it easier to become educated and literate.

    Here at Quality Handmade Pens we still believe the fountain pen style is one of the most desirable and well designed pens in history.  A certain old fashioned quality and value comes built in with all of our fountain pens. Our Jr. Gentleman series comes with the choice of three options in metal plating including; Black Titanium(Gun Metal), Rhodium with gold trim, and 24 Kt. Gold with black trim. The cap can twist on the front or back of the pen with the precise threads on either side. Each pen comes with two ink options; either a pre-loaded black ink cartridge or an empty reservoir ready to be filled manually with the ink of your choice. We include both options with your purchase. For my own fountain pen, I personally like to use a type of waterproof India ink, just in case I decide to paint watercolor over top of my ink drawing. Ink like that can be purchased at craft stores, usually with many colors to pick from. The image to the left is a page from my sketchbook, I used our most recently made fountain pen to draw some celtic knots and some other doodles. These pens are a must have, once you start using one of these you may never want to go back to the old ballpoint ever again.

  15. Do you have one? See that pen here.
  16. The Bolt Action Bullet Pen
    Is there a sportsman in your life who is hard to shop for? In a world where people have everything it can be tough to find a meaningful gift to give loved ones. Maybe you have experienced this yourself as you were looking for something out of the ordinary. This time that person’s birthday, graduation, or anniversary rolls around get them a bolt action bullet pen! The bolt action feature makes this pen perhaps the most unique and interesting pen on earth. Exactly like the bolt action mechanism on a rifle, this feature acts as the click mechanism that moves the ink tip in and out. 
    The bolt action bullet pen is a tribute to this monumental rifle style, and anyone who holds that pen will instantly make that connection and appreciate the unique nature of it. These pens hold a certain intrinsic value, much like that of a firearm, and will be an item to pass down for generations. The most popular version of this pen has been the elk antler center piece. We create the center piece straight from the main beam of a full antler, then treat it just like a piece of wood as it is drilled and turned on a lathe. A protective epoxy finish is applied to seal the original color and grain while protecting it from ware and tear.

    Although the bolt action has been replaced by semi-automatic weapons for the military and law enforcement, the bolt action continues to be the preferred choice for many hunters and snipers. Known for its accuracy and smooth motion, it stands as a favorite for gun enthusiasts and sportsman everywhere.  The obvious disadvantage to the bolt action is the slow rate of fire due to the need for manually reloading every shell.  This is the main reason why law enforcement has switched to other types of firearms. But for snipers, they need to make every shot count, and the bolt action offers the capability of chambering large calibers while staying balanced enough to remain extremely accurate.

     The bolt action to be widely produced was called the Nadelgewehr (Needle Rifle). This was done by Johann Nikolaus von Dreyse in 1836, and his design was a later used in 1841 by the Prussian Army. A later version of the rifle was considered for use during the civil war but was ultimately passed up by the Springfield muzzle loader.  The bolt action slowly gained popularity and was the universal standard by the time World War I was in full swing. That was the height of the bolt action’s use, and it has not seen nearly as much combat since that time. Today sportsman can enjoy the signature look and feel of the classic bolt action in the palm of their hand with one of our unique bullet pens.

  17. The Civil War Bullet Pen

    We are proud to announce our new Civil  War Bullet Pen,  a unique bullet pen with a long gradated hand-turned piece in the middle to compliment the distinct bullet replicas on either end and musket clip. This pen is the perfect size, it fits firmly in your hand and is surprisingly heavy  due to the bullet tips.
    Civil War Bullet Pen
    The bullet on the rear of the pen is the 58. Caliber round, shot mostly from the famous Springfield Model 1861. During the Civil war over 1,000,000 of these Rifles were produced and used by both the Northern and Southern states. These rifles were popular because unlike a smooth bore musket the Springfields barrel had rifling which gave the 58. mini ball rotation within the barrel. This process gave the Springfield rifle greater range and superior accuracy over its smooth bore predecessors.
    The bullet on the front of the pen is the 45 Caliber round, used in the six shooter revolvers of the that era, this proved to be one of the most useful and important firearms of the Civil War. This pen pays tribute to the American ingenuity that broke the mold and set a standard in firearms for years  to come. This pen also symbolizes the great courage of the men and women who fought for their rights and this country. It's not everyday that a pen comes along that makes such a strong statement. So no matter who's side you’re on, you can take home a piece of history. Remember the pen is mightier than the sword, especially a quality handmade bullet pen.

  18. UVU Entrepreneurship Institute Announces Its 2013 Opportunity Quest Finalists


    February 4, 2013

    For Immediate Release

    University Marketing & Communications: Mike Rigert (801) 863-6807

    Written by: Shauna Theobald (801) 863-7363

    Utah Valley University’s Entrepreneurship Institute, housed in the University’s Woodbury School of Business, recently announced the winners of its 2013 Opportunity Quest competition that recognizes excellence among the region’s diverse array of innovative entrepreneurs and small businesses.

    Ten finalist teams ‘pitched’ their business ideas before an expert panel of judges last week. Honorable mention went to...

    "...Quality Handmade Pens, founded by Nathan Davidson, impressed judges not only because of the unique designs of the company’s high-end pens but also because of Davidson’s substantial skills in search engine optimization. Prior to launch, Davidson researched his market extensively, using keyword search before identifying and capitalizing on this niche market. Sales have increased dramatically since his launch in June 2012."

    - As a team we placed 5th with honorable mention overall, the contest was open to local small businesses with at least one team member enrolled at UVU. Application included an executive summary essay and a two minute elevator pitch filmed by a professional videographer, you  can see our video HERE

    See Full Story Here from

  19. Testimonial from Justin; winner of our facebook photo contest last year: 

    "All my friends are so jealous of my new bolt action bullet pen! I was really excited when I won the hunting photo contest, on the fan page for Quality Handmade Pens, this pen was a great prize. I really like the bolt action feature, I have been hunting since I was a kid. The center is made of elk antler, which I chose because that's probably my favorite thing to hunt. That makes this pen even more cool to me. I recommend this pen to any outdoorsman or gun enthusiast, you won't be disapointed. Thanks Quality Handmade Pens!"

    Rock Springs, WY

  20. What’s a Burl and Why Make Pens out of it?

    Burls are the bulb looking knobs you see protruding from trees, a burl might remind you of a goose egg. Any type of tree can grow a burl, and nobody is certain exactly why they grow, but they are especially valuable to craftsman, woodworkers, and pen turners.
    A burl begins when a sprouting bud of a new branch becomes deformed as the cells start splitting and growing irregularly and moving in all directions instead of creating the usual long grain. Burl wood may look like a plain piece of wood on the outside, however under the bark there is a vast network of swirls, knots, and unique designs. Because of this it has become the most popular medium to work with, as each handcrafted item made from burl will be completely unique and unpredictable.
    The largest burl on record measured 26 ft. Around! The west coast is famous for its redwoods, and the burls can grow to great sizes. Under moist conditions a new tree can even spring from one of these burls. Port McNeil, British Columbia is home to the second largest burls.While in Canada on a fishing trip I personally drove by the burl that is runner up to the record holder and it really is massive!
    For instance this handmade pen is made from buckeye burl and as you can see the knots are sporadic and individually different. Another benefit to turning pens with burl is its quality of being especially strong and resilient under pressure. This is important because the wood goes through a process of being cut, drilled, milled, and at last placed on a lathe when it is spun at high speeds while steel tools cut away at it. Burl wood will often explode or chip away in chunks because of its twisted nature, so you can understand why pen makers and woodworkers charge more money for these crafts. Using burl means investing more time and effort, but burl tends to be the wood of choice more times than not in order to achieve a more valuable finished product.

  21. The Over Under Shotgun Pen

    Almost everyone I know loves bullet pens, but of the few people who know about these, even fewer know about the Over Under Shotgun Pen. This is a specially designed pen based on the popular shotgun – rifle combination. Examples of this are Beretta's 686 Over and Under Shotgun, and Browning's 725 Over-Under Shotgun, although Winchester and others carry similar models.
    The cap is made to look like a real 12 gage shotgun shell. We choose to make this part out of African Black Wood to give it a solid black color, while retaining the handmade quality and natural wood grain. To add to the authentic feel of the shotgun shell cap, the clip on the side looks just like the gun it was named after. 
    Inside the handsome cap is the bullet pen itself, with the same look and feel of a 30 caliber bullet as the rest of our bullet pens. On either side of the pen is threading, allowing the cap to post on the front or back. You will find that although this is a fantastic looking pen, you may find that your favorite feature is the way it writes.
    With a high quality rollerball you get a smooth, bolt ink line. When you hold this pen for the first time your first thought will most likely be about how large this pen is! Especially with its cap on, this is a bullet pen that will turn heads. When writing anything that requires more time than a signature, it is recommended that you take the cap off to give the pen better balance in your hand, this is when its writing qualities will shine. As you look at our bullet pens, you will undoubtedly see what sets us apart and makes ours different, each one is unique and customizable, making it possible to create one that fits your personality just right.

  22. The Right Pen for the Right Person

    With Christmas wrapping up once again, its time to start bargain shopping for birthdays that may be coming up. When it comes to finding a gift for that person who has everything, handmade pens can be your go-to gift for just about any type of person. Every father has more ties than he knows what to do with as it is, but he will probably keep accepting those generic kinds of gifts to be polite. Save him the trouble of acting excited and get him something he can really be excited about, get him a quality handcrafted pen. He’ll be able to show it off every time he signs a receipt, signs forms, or just for writing in general.  For that woman in your life who is hard to shop for, the right pen could be just the thing she never knew she was missing until you give it to her.
    When shopping for that Woman in your life, consider what her taste is in home decor, clothing, and accessories. Acrylic pens tend to give more flexibility with color choices, where wood can only come in a handful of colors. Some of the favorite picks of our lady customers include Aero pens, and Slimlines. The Aero Pen is know for the decorative design band where the metal plating meets the handturned material. The Slimline is a universal pen, but tends to be favored by women for its sleek, unobtrusive design, perfectly fit for a purse or checkbook.
    For the men in your life we admittedly carry a lot more options men will love. Bullet pens are perhaps the most manly pens on earth. Among the options that we carry, the Bolt-Action pens are the most popular. These offer a unique bolt action click mechanism that is truly thrilling to use, it really feels like loading a bullet into the chamber of a bolt action rifle.  Men also tend to appreciate larger pens than women do, and we have a selection that are sure to stand out among normal pens.  Some of these include the Cigar Pen, or the Wallstreet, these give a feeling of power and strength when used due to the solid heavy build.
    If the person you’re shopping for does not seem like they fit into any general category, you can’t go wrong with a Magnetic Rollerball. These pens have a unique magnetic lid which can post on either the front or the back of the pen. Black Titanium is the metal plating of choice, being neither a flashy Chrome, or the old fashioned Gold plating, it’s a dark polished looking titanium that anyone can appreciate. The Magnetic Rollerball is just one of several pens we offer that anyone would love to receive, and you can bet they will cherish your gift for years to come.
    We hope these are some helpful hints to assist in choosing the perfect pen for you or someone you love.
  23. Get To Know Our Team

    Pen turning is a hobby that is typically dominated by more “experienced”  (older) men.  But there is a new handmade pen company around, and by contrast the three of us are all under thirty.

    Mike - His background is in sales, woodworking, and construction.  Mike and his wife have two beautiful little girls.  Even though Mike and his wife both have full time jobs,  plus the two busy girls, Mike makes sure to find time to put into pen turning.

    Jed - He’s our guru on all things pen related. With 7 years of experience in pen turning he brings a lot of skill to the table. He also has a background with direct sales, and construction.  Jed’s family shares a love for pen turning, his father and uncle are his ongoing mentors in this craft. He and his wife have recently moved from Tennessee to Utah for business opportunities and to help out at Quality Handmade Pens.

    Nathan - He handles the web design, promotion, and marketing of the business.  Like Mike and Jed, he also has a background with sales, and construction.  Nathan and his wife have a busy little boy and adorable little girl. Nathan also has a full time job and is going to school for graphic design. 

    As you browse through our products you’ll see a fantastic selection with top quality craftsmanship.  So despite being some of the youngest penturners in the business, we feel confident putting our work up against any of our competition. Our team has taken a liking to turning bullet pens,  usually made from antlers. All of us were born and raised in the West, and hunting and fishing has been a big part of our lives individually. The outdoors are central to the type of pens we seek to create, whether that means finding the most rare and uniqe woods and materials to turn, or simply by handmaking our pens with old fashioned quality and skill.
  24. Our handmade pens are made for people who like a writing instrument that feels steady and sturdy in their hand.

    1. The Process

    One pen at a time, we turn the wood, acrylic, antler or whatever material on a lathe, after that we sand it with many different types of sandpaper to make it fit to the pen components perfectly. After that we use a combination of boiled linseed oil and a super glue substance and apply up to eight coats to create a protective layer over the pen. These clear layers protect the wood from absorbing anything like oils from your fingers, lint from your pocket, or stains in general.

    2. Satisfaction Guaranteed

    You can take comfort in knowing that your pen will be carefully inspected before we ship it. since The nature of this type of craft makes it impossible to mass produce on or create large amounts in a short time. This means that we take the time to do it right. We take pride in our work.

    3. How We Are Different

    Our competitors only offer an a la cart option (what you see is what you get). We know we can’t create every possible combination available, which is why we let you decide how you want your pen to be built using our simple navigation options. In the event that you would like a certain type of wood or other material, we take custom requests and are obliged to seek out the unique material or have you send it to us. Mind you, we have selected all the most popular options to begin with and we are confident you will love our choices!

    4. How To Use Our Site

    Our drop down menus make it easy to select your preferred pen metal plating type, as well as the type of material the handmade part will be made from.

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