Handmade Pens - Make Yours the Perfect Gift!

If you would like to send a handmade pen as a gift, we can send the package directly to your friend/relative! This allows you to get it to them on short notice, and save you the time and trouble of gift wrapping and shipping.
1. Simply put in your own address in the BILLING section.
2. Put the address of your friend/relative in the SHIP TO section. 
3. Then in the GIFT comments/instruction section, let us know what you would like us to write on your behalf. (Example: Happy 10th Anniversary! Love, The Davidsons) And feel free to send us a contact form or email us with any additional requests for your gift.

Customer Testimonial:
- "I will be happy to order from your wonderful company again. I recently placed an order for one of your beautiful pens and asked if there was any way you could speed up the order since my friend who I ordered for was in poor health. You got the order in the mail the next day - my friend LOVED the pen, it really gave him some happiness. He passed away soon after. Can't thank you enough for your kindness in getting it out so quickly to him and putting a smile on his face!"  - Susan, New York

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