Fountain pens are one of the oldest styles of writing instruments, 
yet still considered to be one of the best today. The defining features of a fountain pen are that it have an in reservoir inside the pen which holds the ink inside, and the ink is released to a nip at the tip of the pen. The quill pen was the pen of preference for centuries, but the quill was prone to messy ink spills, and the design was basic and rudimentary.
While its hard to say who invented the first fountain pen, we do know that Josiah Mason was the inventor of a replaceable steel nib and type of ink reservoir, which he had assembled in factories. Mass production began in Birmingham, England. What this did was make it less expensive at retail. This marked the beginning of when common people could afford to write, which made fostered literacy and education on a level not possible before.
The design of the Fountain Pen is a favorite here at Quality Handmade Pens. Each of these pens is a piece of art, carefully made by hand on a lathe. This instills an old fashioned quality and sense of value that you will never get from some pen made in a factory. The Jr. Gentleman model comes with three options for metal plating including; Black Titanium(Gun Metal)Rhodium with gold trim, and 24 Kt. Gold with black trim. The lid posts to either side of the pen with precision threading. Each pen comes with two ink options; both a pre-filled black ink cartridge and an empty ink reservoir which you can fill with any type of ink you choose. Both options are will be included with your pen purchase.
When I write with my own fountain pen, I prefer to use a waterproof India ink, mainly because I usually like to paint with watercolor over top of my ink drawing. (Image to the left is a snapshot from my personal sketchbook, I enjoyed drawing  some doodles with one of the pens we made recently.) I buy the Ink at craft stores, they usually offer many colors. 

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