The Bullet Pen Makes the Man


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Bolt Action Pen

The Bolt Action Bullet Pen
A Sportsman's Best Friend

This pen is a must-have for you or any gun enthusiast you know. Our bolt action bullet pens are most commonly ordered with elk or deer antler, making this the perfect combo for a big game hunter. Metal plating options include Chrome, 24 k. Gold, Gun Metal, and Black Enamel. A Parker style ink cartridge comes standard in each Bolt Action Pen.
The defining feature is the unique bolt-action click mechanism on the back half of the pen, allowing you to extend the ink tip with the smooth slide of the bolt, just like chambering a shell in your own rifle. The person you give this gift to will be sure to appreciate the intrinsic value of such a unique pen, its sure to be treasured and passed down for generations.
Shown above with Deer Antler. As you will see in the video to the right, this pen's mechanism works just like a lever action rifle. Clicking this back and forth is so satisfying you won't want to stop! 

The Over-Under Shotgun Pen $89

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The Over Under Shotgun Pen is designed to replicate the popular shotgun/rifle combination that so many sportsman have come to love. The lid shown on the left is fashioned after the 12 gage shotgun shell. The strong pen clip is in the shape of the gun it is named after, and its sure to turn heads clipped in your pocket. Whether you choose Dyed Red Buckeye Burl or African Black Wood, it will have the appearance of a shotgun shell. The pen itself has the traditional 30 caliber bullet look, with threads on the front and back allowing for the cap to post on either side. This pen comes equipped with a top quality rollerball refill. Writing with this means a smooth bold ink flow, most people prefer this to the usual ballpoint. 

Civil War Pens

Civil War Pens

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The 50 Cal. Bullet Pen $49

50 caliber bullet pen

Made from an actual 50 Caliber bullet shell which has already been fired, this pen offers perhaps the most authentic and rugged appeal of all. It comes standard with a replaceable Cross style ink refill and 24 kt. gold tip, this pen has great quality to acompany its style.

If you are not familiar with this caliber, you may be surprised just how large this pen really is.  It will definately dwarf any other pens you have and is sure to turn heads. We stand by our troops and have great respect for the men and women who serve our country. This pen is a tribute to the great job our military does. Each shell has been fired and cleaned before being made into a pen. We hand turn the material that forms the tip of the pen, then load it with a parker style ballpoint. This means the perfect combination of functionality and style.

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