Nate Davidson, Owner/Operator

Currently I live in Cheyenne Wyoming with my wife and two kids. My hobbies include woodworking, furniture building, painting, drawing, leatherwork, and many more. When I'm not making pens I enjoy rock climbing, kayaking, hunting, and home improvements. My personality style is pragmatic and old fashioned, which could explain why I love working with my hands to create something worthwhile. 

To see my art, graphic design, political cartoons, and more about me you can go to my portfolio site - NateDavidson.net

In 2012 I was working for a company that built ecommerce web sites, and the entrepreneur in me saw an opportunity. Seeing so many of our clients successfully selling products online made me realize how attainable an online business could be. Having always had a love for woodworking and with the help of friends who made pens on a lathe, I started building a website. The rest is history, as I learned more about making pens I expanded into many types of pens, today bullet pens are my most popular product. Making pens started as just a fun hobby, but shortly after launching my website, it soared to the top of the Google searches, quickly turning a hobby into a self sustaining business. 

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