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Welcome to KingPen! We specialize in handcrafting Bullet Pens, Fountain Pens, Rollerball, and Ballpoint pens. Our dropdown menus allow you to customize a pen that's perfect for you or the person who will recieve it as a gift.

"Nate, my pens actually came a day earlier than expected. They look amazing. I love the bolt action and the lever action. You guys did any amazing job. I look forward to future purchases  from your company. I'm definitely a happy Texan.   - David D. Texas

Our handcrafted pens are made right, with only the most quality materials.

We turn our handmade pens on the lathe, and we take the time to do it right. This includes cutting it down on the lathe, followed by a series of sanding to achieve the exact size.
After that we take the time to put on multiple layers of epoxy(super glue), letting each layer dry before adding the next. What this creates is a strong, clear, protective layer over the wood or antler. This shine will stay bright as the years pass because of this protective coat.
Our pens do not fade or dim with time like handmade pens with only a simple varnish, those pens discolor as they soak in the oils from your fingers and pockets. Our pens withstand the test of time.

"NateI received my order, thank you very much. It looks great and I am sure the recipient of this gift is going to really enjoy it. Thanks for the great craftsmanship!"    
Bob B. Colorado

Our pens make great gifts for all occasions including birthdays, Christmas, wedding presents, Father’s and Mother’s day or even a personally significant day like an anniversary.

There is no way to mass produce this type of writing instrument, we make each pen by hand. The process is slow and detail oriented, if we make a mistake we start over. 

"Nate, honestly, the first thing that impressed me was the penmanship on the shipping label and the card inside. I am a CAD drafter and have been trained in architectural lettering, so I can appreciate fine handwriting. Very nice touch!

The pen works great!  I have actually received several compliments on it already, and I’ve only had it one day.  Very nice work!"
- Rob F. Pennsylvania

 These pens aresure to last through generations and are sure to be a treasured heirloom. Watch this short video to see how we make our pens the old fashioned way. 

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